December 29, 2014



(  Gaillardia aristata )



Gaillardias may be remembered as the old fashioned Blanketflowers of our great great Grandma's garden, but they are popular again for the same hardiness our forebearers looked for in an ornamental - hardy, dry tolerant,...

December 29, 2014

CAMPION "Ice Cups"


(  Silene uniflora )



Such a dainty flower yet so tough !


Lightly ruffled clean white flowers spread in abundance from silver grey leaves spreading to form a tight weed excluding mat. With lightly arching stems the atypical balloon like flower bud/se...

April 21, 2014



(  Veronica porphyriana )


Short spikes of deep velvet purple blue flowers ontop of rounded dense mat forming green leaves.


Vibrant blue flowers to 25cm tall, while the leaves ramble across the surfaceto only 15cm.


A full sun location with good drain...

April 4, 2014

Maltese Cross


( Lychnis chalcedonica syn Silene chalcedonica )


Maltese Cross aka Burning Love, Flower of Bristol, Jerusalem Cross, Nonesuch a native of Mongolia, Russia & North Western China.


Clusters of scarlet/vermillion red flowers appear on long stems (1m) from a s...

April 3, 2014

Wood Betony


( Betonica officinalis syn. Stachys officinalis )


Common Names:Wood, Betony, Bishopswort, Betony


Wood Betony is an old fashioned prairie or grassland herb which will grow happily on the outskirts of shady areas and into full sun locations.


Readily competing...

March 17, 2014


Sweet Maudlin, Sweet Nancy, Sweet Yarrow, Mace

( Achillea ageratum "Moonwalker" )


A lovely plant that has been described as a backdrop in the garden, but is a shining star all on its own. With repeat flowreing and tolerance of poorer soils and lower watering this littl...

February 10, 2014

"Vietnamese Fish Mint, Lizard Tail, Chameleon Plant, Heartleaf,

Fishwort and Bishop's Weed"

( Houttuynia cordata )


Pretty magnolia like flowers in creamy white with a green/yellow centre appear repeatedly over the plant from Mid Summer through to Autumn.


Foliage dies ba...

January 22, 2014

"Santa Cruz" Oregano

(Origanum vulgare 'Santa Cruz')


A showy delicate flower in the softest dusky pinks born on cascading stems to @50cm in Summer.

Foliage forms a grey/green clump to 30cm wide in Winter, growing quickly to full height by Mid Spring to 30cm prior to fl...

January 6, 2014

Asters are such an old fashioned flower

they once heralded the arrival of michaelmas or easter

that of course is the northern hemisphere


here it tides the beginning of autumn weather

of nights getting a little cooler

but still hot and muggy days


this little fellow is a dwa...

March 10, 2013

Achillea millefolium "Walther Funcke"


With a name like "Walther Funcke" I'd buy this plant for that alone. Serious quick establish, this vibrant orange Yarrow is best in a large garden and great for the new gardener.

Growing to a medium height of about 60 - 75cm, with a...

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