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Achillea "Pearl"

Achillea "Pearl" (Sneezewort) is a beautiful perennial that belongs to the Yarrow Family, but looks more like a mini Chrysanthemum. It is one of my all time favourite cut flowers as it is not only a prolific flowerer, but has a great vase life.


In the garden be prepared to allow it space, as like most Yarrows, it does like to spread out. If grown with other plants it does tend to reign itself in, but a bit of selective weed killer can help curb its wilder ways. An easy option in management is using on of the organic Vinegar/Salt herbicides that are available from bigger chain garden centres (you know who I mean).

Flowers: are a clear, clean white in clustered heads at the end of a t all flowering stem (about 50 - 60cm),

Foliage: spreading in clumps of fine deep green leaves

Habitat: grow in full sun or light shade, but the more shade the more "leggie" the flowers and foliage will be.

Location: best to the middle of your flower border.

Cut Flower: Yes, a very good vase life

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