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Stonecrop "Autumn Joy"

( Hylotelephium telephium )

What a tough plant these Sedums are!

A member of the succulents group, it is frost hardy and can put up with the soil drying out.

Like most plants, don't expect that prolonged periods with out a little drink wouldn't be of benefit - even when it is a succulent - don't mix it up with cacti !

autumn joy sedum at killiecrankie farm perenial plant nursery.jpg

Strong flowering stems (60 - 90cm) are produced in early to mid Summer with rosy pink blossoms in large umbels (umbrella type flowers).

Great for bringing indoors, if you can bear to - the butterflies go nuts on them.

Sedum Autumn Joy seed frosts at Killiecrankie Farm Perennial Plant Nursery.jpg

Grey green foliage is very structural and forms a very uniform clump that will die down to mere furled leaf buds in Winter.

The soft succulent leaves don't really do well with traffic, so its best to keep the plants away from paths where they will get damaged.

Once the flowers have finished, the seed heads can be retained to give an architectural feature to your Winter garden. Laced with frost they are a real feature.

sedum autumn joy foliage.JPG

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