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car camping cup cosy

so here is the next step with ye olde jar cover up, lets cover a mug

neither original or unique, there are plenty of alternatives out there - but here we go - here's my version

! now this pattern is inspired by my folks and their caravan they, like many other grey nomads, take their coffee mugs on scenic tours of this wide brown landand they wrap their coffee cups up to move about the country side this is also dedicated to tanya and claire who like their picnics with a touch of porcelain and i'm one of those - tea can not be in polystyrene, plastic or tin so this cosy is not to keep your hands from being burnt or any fancied up cup of joe but more as a protective jumper to stop the cups from clinking in your van or picnic basket.

I think the biggest hitch you will have is making a cosy that suites your favourite mug after all there is no such thing as standard these days !

this is, as usual, written using standard Australian/UK crochet terms

I used a 4.00mm hook with a 5ply yarn


so make your base using this method here

crochet to fit just the diameter of your mug


work your way up the mug side using this method here

adding as many rows as needed to reach the base of your handle

(i made only five rows as my wool was fine @ a 5ply and the handle on my cup long)


this is the aperture or opening for your cup handle

i start the next row and work until two stitches from the end

then turn

this leaves a nice gap for the handle

now keep working in rows to form the cosy body

(i added about 14 rows to make the complete cup height)


next you are finishing and tidying up the basic cosy

work down the right hand side of the opening using double stitches into each row

bridge the two stitch gap with a double stitch into each open stitch (two stitches)

double stitch up the opposite (left) side until you are two stitches from the top

create a button loop using 10 chain stitches

double stitch back into the same stitch

double stitch

and you should be back at the top

I have added a picot edge

a bit fancy or you can leave it as a simple double stitch

to picot you *slip stitch into the first stitch, chain three and slip stitch back into the same stitch making a little nodule

then double stitch*

repeat * to * until end

slip stitch to finish leaving a long thread to sew your button on with.

Does that make sense ?

Let me know if I've missed something, and I can add an edit :)

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