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Anise Hyssop

Anise Hyssop, Licorice Hyssop, Blue Giant Hyssop

( Agastache foeniculum syn. Agastache anethiodora )

I've grown this variety of Hyssop for years now, and each Summer we not only get superb long lasting cut flowers, but the wonderful aniseed flavoured foliage to add to our salads and Summer fruit punches.Preferring to grow in full sun with a cooler roots, Licorice Hyssop likes a rich organic soil that holds moisture. Coupled with a good mulch your plants shall stand tall through Summer.

Water logged soils will result in root rot. Because of this, at the farm, we treat Licorice Hyssop as a Biennial rather then a perennial.Seeds will set readily in a weed free environment. But if you have competition or weeds, establish new plants in pots for transferal to the garden in Spring.Seeds can be harvested easily in late Summer, keep in a warm dry place ready for Spring seeding.

A good height of about 60cm and upwards of 90cm in flower, prolific flowering it provides a long display and the bees love it.

Cut back to a simple leaf clump in Winter but in harder areas, expect it to die off completely needing new plants again in Spring.

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