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Cooking with Bergamot

BERGAMOT, Bee Balm, Horsemint, Oswega, Indian Nettle (Monarda didyma)

A strong minty flavour with undertones of

Suitable for use in teas, but is not the "Bergamot" flavour found in Earl/Lady Grey Teas (which is the Citrus Bergamot). Origins as Bergamot or Oswega Tea by Native Americans in colonial settlement times. Women should use caution when consuming this herb during pregnancy.

  • Use fresh in warm potato salads instead of Mint.

  • Add to cold drinks

  • Add fresh flower petals to salads for colour & flavour

  • Slithers of fresh petals in berry salads

  • Mixes well with citrus especially lemon, and can be added fresh to cordials or when cooking fish.

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