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Milfoil "Walther Funcke"

Achillea millefolium "Walther Funcke"

With a name like "Walther Funcke" I'd buy this plant for that alone. Serious quick establish, this vibrant orange Yarrow is best in a large garden and great for the new gardener.

Growing to a medium height of about 60 - 75cm, with a variable spread of 50 - 100cm (dependant on soil type). Cold and frost hardy. Suitable to poor to good soils, but not waterlogged.

A glorious orange coloured flowers ranges from light peach to deep orange as the blooms age. Long flowering, repeat flowers, excellent cut flower. Unlike many variations of the peachy Yarrow's, "Walther Funcke" has stiffer and more upright flowering stems, making it less prone to collapse. A spreading feathery foliage that remains throughout the year.

Best grown in full sun, for better flower production and leaf form. Semi shade is tolerated, but plants tend to become lanky. Tolerant of very dry and hot weather, but not complete loss of moisture from the root area. Will always benefit from a regular drink when the Summer gets more extreme. A good hard prune in mid winter will get this plant back to a better fresh shape for late Spring flowering.

If you find a yarrow getting out of hand in the garden, it will respond well with a touch of a non-selective herbicide applied to the outer reaches of the plant. The main plant will suffer some set back even from a judicious chemical pruning, so best applied after flowers have been spent. Equally if you find it creeping into a lawn - a dose of "Weed n Feed" will get the lawn back into shape and give the yarrow a knock back. Otherwise if found in the lawn, it will remain small and soft to walk on if mown regularly.

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