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Growing Lovage

LOVAGE, Love Parsley (Levisticum officinale)

Lovage is a classic medievil Lovage is a classic medieval vegetable with the characteristics of celery without the hassle of forcing stems or planting it every year.

Growing in a full sun location, yet tolerant of a light shade, Lovages Mediterranean origins means it will tolerate a wide range of soils.

A tall and structural plant to 1.2m in full foliage and flower it will demand a good block of space, similar to globe artichokes. This plants size demands makes it a wonderful plant to have in an integrated garden as a feature foliage and structural height addition.

Equally at home in a traditional vegie patch, but should be planted in a perennial bed alongside asparagus, berries or burnets to avoid constant disturbance of the root system.

Best foliage is harvested from the centre of the plant where young leaves are emerging soft and sweet. Water more regularly to promote sweet leaf growth, but if you are a bit miserly with the water tougher foliage and stem can be either stewed, steamed or roasted.vegetable with the characteristics of celery

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