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Growing: Shungiku

GARLAND CHRYSANTHEMUM, Shungiku, Choy Suy Green, Crown Daisy (Chrysanthemum coronarium)

A surprising addition to the plate is Crown Daisy or Garland Chrysanthemum. When you look outside Western horticulture and into those countries outside of our own experience you'll find an entire new culinary adventure awaits you in the integrated garden.

We have easily grown Shungiku at the Farm successfully from seed, both seed raising and directly into the garden. Germinating and growing through Winter these little plants reach full maturity quickly in Late Spring in Tasmania. Reputed to need protection, yet we have had severe frosts to -5oC and seedlings have thrived.

Prefering a full sun location, ready soil moisture will see plants tolerate even the poorest of soils (i.e. gravel, clay, sandy).

Reaching to 1m tall in full flower, spreading to 75cm wide as a single plant. Grouped plants do not reach as greater spread.

A prolific selfseeder, host to bees and hover flies, easy care, highly productive.

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