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Himalayan Fleeceflower

Himalayan Fleeceflower or Knotweed

( Persicaria affinis syn. Polygonum affine syn Bistorta affinis )

an unusual flower for the garden

it is suited to both full sun and semi-shade

once it is established it is a very hardy and dry tolerant plant

creeping across the ground striking down new roots this plant will quickly settle as a good strong ground cover

leaves are slender rounded blades

deep green with slashes of reddish-purple for new leaves and Autumn colouring as well as an indicator that your soil is drying out !

it is a herbaceous perennial so expect dieback in Winter where you get heavy frosts

otherwise you can expect the foliage to stay around in gentler climates

spikes of dusky dark pink, turning to soft pink flowers appear in mid Summer

and continue to repeat flower through Autumn

flowers grow taller as the season progresses

starting at about 10cm and reaching 25cm in late Summer

Common Name: Knotweed Botanical Name: Persicaria affinis Exposure: Full sun, Partial shade Hardiness: Hardy Soil type: Clay/heavy, Moist Height: 30cm Spread: 60cm Time to divide plants: September to May Flowering period: July to October

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