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Rosenkuppel Oregano - Showy Oregano's

Oreganum laevigatum cv. "Rosenkuppel"

Oregano is most noted for its culinary uses

but now days you come across some pretty spectacular varieties

more noted for their wonderful flowers

of course these amazing flowering plants

retain their edible nature

so why not add variety to your herb garden !

"Rosenkuppel" is significantly different in flower to other Oregano's

it has fulsome blousey buds

makes an excellent cut flower

with a very long vase life

as well as drying well for floral wreaths and perpetual arrangements

its foliage is also very attractive with darker foliage in a deep green

the ornamental Oregano's are as equally hardy

to their culinary siblings

do well on any soil that isn't waterlogged

but do better if the soil is well mulched and has a good organic content

keep up the manure and compost to get the best from this plant

cut back over winter foliage to the basal clump in Mid Winter

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