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Santa Cruz Oregano

"Santa Cruz" Oregano

(Origanum vulgare 'Santa Cruz')

A showy delicate flower in the softest dusky pinks born on cascading stems to @50cm in Summer. Foliage forms a grey/green clump to 30cm wide in Winter, growing quickly to full height by Mid Spring to 30cm prior to flowering. A full sun location with very good drainage on unimproved soil will suite this Oregano. But if you have better soil expect some pretty impressive floral displays. Water regularly to establish, then ease off to allow plant to harden up for Summer. As a cultivar of common oregano, "Santa Cruz" offers a milder flavour than regular Oregano, but is still suited to Mediterranean or Middle Eastern seasoning.

Cut flowers can be dried, hung upside down, or used fresh as filler flower in posies and bouquets.

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