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EAT: Alpine Strawberry "Baron Solemacher"

( Fragaria vesca 'Baron Solemacher' )

A hardy Alpine Strawberry with a sweet dainty fruit through Summer & Autumn in Tasmania. "Baron Solemacher" is from an old German selection of Alpine Strawberries and have highly fragrant fruit. The covering of tiny seeds are not invasive of the fruits texture, being fine and soft at the fruits peak ripening.

Preferring light shade, yet tolerant of full sun, ready soil moisture is important to keep these little strawberries abundant and fruitful. Plants grow to about 25cm tall in leaf, spreading to small clumps of about 30cm, runners spread the plants.

Slightly acidic soil is good (@6.0pH), just test your soil before you go adding pine needles or sulphate of ammonia. Plump the soil up well with rotted manures and composts to retain soil moisture and encourage vigorous growth.

Plants bear small white flowers, repeatedly, offering fruit over a broad period of time in Tasmania. Fruit are slender and an elongated conical shape.

Care should be taken when watering plants to avoid damaging flowers and wetting fruit. Drip irrigation is exceptional in their growth, or when hand watering apply to the outer root zone of the plant.

Alpine Strawberries do well in hanging baskets and in pots, as long as water is kept up. This is also of benefit in protecting your fruit from ground dwelling critters who also like strawberries e.g. blue tongue lizards, mice, possums etc etc.

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