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Sweet Maudlin

Sweet Maudlin, Sweet Nancy, Sweet Yarrow, Mace

( Achillea ageratum "Moonwalker" )

A lovely plant that has been described as a backdrop in the garden, but is a shining star all on its own. With repeat flowreing and tolerance of poorer soils and lower watering this little Yarrow finds itself a place in the garden easily.

Known commonly (A.ageratum) as a Medievil strewing herb to repel moths and other such bugs, it remains generally pest free in the garden. This form "Moonwalker" has upright flowering with splashes of colour from Spring through to Mid Autumn, the vibrant yellow flowers hold their colour well.

Foliage is not typical of the Yarrows, and behaves itself very well with broad straps of solid leaves to a clump about 30cm tall and wide.

Suited to a full sun location "Moonwalker" is tolerant of poorer soils, with a wide pH range but won't put up with shady or wet locations.

Easily grown as an abundance of blooms for cut flowers, herbal applications, bee and butterfly attractant and mass planting in contemporary perennial gardens.

Known to grow happily with "Thundercloud" Orpine (pictured), "Green Cascade" Oregano (pictured) which all like a similar circumstance.

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