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Ivory Pincushion

Ivory Pincushion

( Scabiosa columbaria subsp. ochroleuca )

A tall and lovely flower with creamy white/green pincushion flowers atop tall slender stems, repeat flowering from Spring through to late Autumn. Flowers appear longside buds and seed cones throughout the growing season offering a wide array of floral contribution to the garden and cut flower selection.

Flowers hold well, and with long stems to a height of 1.2m, while soft green furled foilage grows to a loose clump of about 50cm tall and wide. Plants benefit from regular renovation, and can be pruned back in Summer to encourage Autumn flowering and improve plant shape.

A full sun location with good drainage on fertile or unimproved soil will suite this plant.

Grows well with tall flowering Mallow, Bishops Flower and German Chamomile for similar flowering time and mass display.

Water lightly when needed in Spring & Summer as this plant prefers drier soil.

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