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GROW: Fences and Small Farms

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The reality of my garden is a long shot from my mind’s eye of what I'd like to see !

Last Winters extreme wet saw many fences collapse due to rotting posts and pushy hungry livestock.

Fencing repairs are a small holders constant job, the ongoing challenge to keep many fences functioning and livestock where they should be. Because small farms have short distances it doesn't take long for a cow to find your orchard!

My garden lost its fence three years ago, stock fences have been a priority. So my poor grass filled garden has been susceptible to rabbit burrowing, wallabies pillaging, nibbling bandicoots, chooks scratching, cows wondering and sheep frolicking.

I've luckily just managed to forage some netting from the Urban Farming group locally, the perfect price (free!) and a wonderful stop gap until the fence is fixed. At last a bit of lateral thinking has come up with a quick and economic solution to get my garden going again while we save up for the next bundle of fence posts.

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