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CUT: "Mesa Peach" Gaillardia


( Gaillardia aristata )

Gaillardias may be remembered as the old fashioned Blanketflowers of our great great Grandma's garden, but they are popular again for the same hardiness our forebearers looked for in an ornamental - hardy, dry tolerant, cheerful and long flowering.

A full sun location with essential good drainage on anything from impoverished soils upward. Obviously the better the soil, the better the plant, yet we grow our Gaillardias in gravel and dust !

Frost hardy and evergreen, flowering from October through to June at the Farm, with biggest blooming period in Mid Summer. Your biggest problem will be deciding when to prune back the spent flowers and reshape leggy branches sacrificing seasonal flowers.

"Mesa Peach" is mid sized to around 65cm in flower, spreading to 30cm in width. Mass plant for some seriously glorious colour.

Cut flowers last well, and the pom-pom seed heads provide a wonderful feature in posies.

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