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GROW: "Ice Cups" Campion

CAMPION "Ice Cups"

( Silene uniflora )

Such a dainty flower yet so tough !

Lightly ruffled clean white flowers spread in abundance from silver grey leaves spreading to form a tight weed excluding mat. With lightly arching stems the atypical balloon like flower bud/seedheads reach to 15cm, foliage grows tightly to only 10cm.

Suited to a full sun location with well drained soil, poor to improved soil quality perfectly acceptable, only supliment watering in drier months as needed to maintain plant vigor.

Grow these repeat flowering evergreens in pots, barrows and hanging baskets or enmasse for constant flower and foliage feature throughout the year.

Most abundant flowers appear in Spring and again in mid Summer. Full frost hardy, tolerant of coastal conditions.

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