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Why wait for the Basil to be ready, when Mints are in full production in most garden already. Basil Mint is that wonderful combination of mint and strong Basil aromatics, all with the intensity an flavour you wouldn't expect from a mint


Pestos are quick and easy to make and can change a meal at a drop of a tablespoon.

This recipe takes only fresh, in-season produce (Mid Spring) which is ready now, straight from the garden or Farmers Market. This is a Shop Local, Shop Season recipe !

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Mint & Coriander Pesto

1 cup of fresh Basil Mint

1/2 cup of fresh Coriander (starting to bolt in the garden !)

2 - 3 stems of garlic scape or leaf

3 tablespoons lof lemon or lime juice

1/2 cup of olive oil

Cracked pepper to taste

Roughly chop mint, garlic and coriander

Lightly pack into cup measurements

Place all leaf and liquids into a blender

Puree in short bursts until mixture is well diced but not smooth or pasty

Extra oil or juice may be needed if the leaf does not blend easily

Makes approx. 1 cup pesto.

Blend will last approx. two - three days

Expect dark leaf discolouring due to high bruise level of mint leaves

Store in an airtight container in the fridge

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