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CROCHET: Christmas Leaf Garland

now i'm sure that there is no way i invented this, but i was dabbling and here are the instructions on how to make leaf garlands for your christmas tree

i used an 8ply pure wool with a 5mm hook

a 4mm hook will give you a tighter "weave" for your leaves and vines

my instructions are in standard Australian / UK terminology

to start:

leave a 10cm yarn tail

make a loose hitch and crochet 17 base chains

to form a leaf:

turn and *double crochet into the second chain from the end

followed by - htr, tr, tr, htr, dc*

and slip stitch into the next chain

continue to make 17 chains

doubling back to form a leaf* (above) with the last seven chains each time

continue with these clusters on 17 chains until you reach a length of vine you like

(shorthand: *ch 17, turn, dc, htr, tr2, htr,dc,ss into ch* - repeat *to*)

to turn back and add the other side of leaves:

on your last leaf slip stitch into the main chain

chain 7

form a leaf

slip stitch into leaf base

slip stitch five times along chain

continue return side of vine:

chain 7 and form a leaf as before

slip stitch back into chain at the leaf base

continue up the vine by slip stitching into the next 10 chains

forming a leaf at each tenth slip stitch

does that make sense ?

let me know if i have fluffed the instructions and i can add corrections

your feedback is most welcome and appreciated !

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