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Season 2017 is coming soon ....

Well that year went quickly !

It didn't seem that long ago that we ended the 2016 Christmas Tree Season here at the Farm. Like last year this years Christmas Trees are in limited supply, so we are recommending getting in early to secure your Christmas Tree. This year is the last of the loses of the HUGE 2016 storm which took about 60% of our lovely Christmas Trees away on us. But hey we did get a lot of mulch !

The same weird weather of the last 12 months has meant Christmas Trees are tall and thin rather than our preferred plumpy Christmas Trees - that's what you get in such wet years we guess. Now with some lovely El Nino weather (at least lovely for a Californian Tree!) ahead we expect and already see the 2018 Christmas Trees looking very chubby compared to the last two well watered years.

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