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New Opening Hours

Well I feel like the absolute Christmas Grinch posting our latest opening hours.

You'll remember we lost heaps (I mean HEAPS) of Christmas Trees last year during that huge wind storm in Winter. This year our numbers are down lower than we expected due to that same storm and a few other reasons or other.

So we expect to SELL OUT the very first open weekend. Yes afraid so. Please get in quick to pre-tag or take home a Christmas Tree this year.

The other consequence of all that rain is the Christmas Tree this year are tall and slender. Personally I'm a little partial to the lanky and lean :) but just so as you can expect that our Christmas Trees are a not quite as they have been in previous years.

On the upside of all that 2018 Christmas Trees are looking rather plumpy due to a new pruning technique I put in place two years ago.

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