Monterey Pine Christmas Tree - 9'

Monterey Pine Christmas Tree - 9'

SKU: MP084


One of our "Shining Star" Monterey Pines which has reached peak condition over a longer than normal growing period. Full, well formed and very large.


Our Monterey Pines have a stong perfume, stiff branches and a solid peak for dressing with a Star or Angel. They are pruned to form a modern conical shape.


Should you purchase this Christmas Tree we will guide you to the tree, assist in its cutting and bring it back to our workshop to be netted (optional) ready to be taken home. Netting is made from recycled material, and can be disposed of in general council recycling bins.




As a hard needle Christmas Tree, they require consistent and high water levels. Larger Christmas Trees require greater water, and have a good to high presentation period, and as such we suggest these can be taken home at any point in the Festive Season.


DO NOT use metal buckets/tubs/trugs to keep your Christmas Tree in, as the sap in pine trees causes a chemical reaction with the metal bucket causing corrosion. Water will blacken, smell rancid and result in almost overnight lose of your fresh Christmas Tree.


Ensure your Christmas Tree is secure and well anchored to prevent the tree from falling over.


Ensure any Christmas Lights are in safe operation, and turn off if leaving unattended.


DO NOT place candles or other open flames in or near fresh Christmas Trees. 


Care in transport should be taken with this tree, it is unsuiatble to be left uncovered on a roof rack where windflow will damage its needles.


Raw trunks should be trimmed by one centimeter (1cm) to remove any sap which may prevent water uptake on arrival to their new home.


We no longer recommend any additives or preservatives to Christmas Tree water, fresh water is best. Often. A fresh Christmas Tree will drink between 2 - 5L of water overnight for the first week, reducing demand as it settles into the Season. DO NOT allow your tree to dry out. 


PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guantee a presentation period of our fresh Christmas Trees. As these are natural plants/materials an individual cut trees longevity is influenced by many factors beyond our control. This is not a plastic Christmas Tree !



Return your Christmas Tree to the Farm on January 8th, 2022 (10 - 11am) for chipping and returning the material to the growing woodlands. No fees for processing.