Welcome to our 2021

Christmas Tree Season !


Please note that COVID-19 Restrictions will be in-place this year and we will be undertaking a range of safety measures

to keep our patrons and staff safe.


Saturday November 27th - 10am farm gates open

to prevent road traffic build up our Farm Gates will be open at 9:00am,

with a car entry number issued, and paddock parking until 10am Season opening.

We are strongly recommending taking your fresh cut Christmas Tree home on our opening weekend to reduce any unpredicted farm closures due to COVID restrictions. Please talk to us about tips on keeping your Christmas Tree happy over the four weeks.



Saturday November 27th - 10am - 2pm

Sunday November 28th  - 10am - 12pm


Sunday December 5th  - 10am - 12pm

Sunday December 12th - 10am - 12pm

Saturday 18th - 10am - 12pm - FINAL OPEN DAY





Bring your car (& trailer) out to the Farm, wander the forest of Christmas Trees and find the tree for you. You may choose to cut your own tree or we can assist you to bring your selected tree back for transport.


We provide measuring sticks and safety hand saws to use for tree selection at the Christmas Tree Farm, so no need for special equipment . Please note: battery/fuel powered pruners/saws and chainsaws are not permited onsite due to Occupational Health and Safety requirements.



If you like to picnic you are welcome to set a rug amidst the trees and enjoy the lovely countryside while selecting your Christmas Tree.



  • rugs or sheets for protecting your car and for wrapping trees for transport

  • Ropes, straps, occies for tying your tree securely into/onto your car or trailer.

  • sunscreen, hat, covered shoes to protect you from the elements, wildlife and stubbed toes

  • a tape measure to get just the right size tree for you !



  • covered shoes and long pants - safety first with wildlife please (especially jack jumpers and snakes) !

  • adhere to speed signs on site

  • watch for pedestrians on site - kids will be running around, and people will have obscured vision when carrying trees

  • if its heavy, ask for help ! We are more than happy to give you a hand getting your tree back to the car

  • Please note battery powered pruners/saws and chainsaws are not permitted onsite due to Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

  • We are First Aid Trained - please ask for help, in cases of EMERGENCY ring 000 without hesitation