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A few notes on all you could want to know about our Christmas Trees ....



We promote Christmas Tree Hunting as a relaxed aspect of Seasonal Festivities, find us easily with the Street Signs at each end of Glengarry Road or via Google Maps.
Once you get here, please DRIVE SLOWLY, children, "Molly" the doggy welcoming committee and other Seasonal visitors will be distracted and busy towing their Christmas Trees through the car park - so please don't run anyone over !!!!!


You asked for them, so here are they are !
New in stock the famous world class CINCO Christmas Tree Stand will be available in a variety of sizes from the Farm Store during Seasonal tree selection.
to Suite Tree 8'  <    $55
to Suite Tree 10' <    $75


We accept Cash, Credit & Debit Cards. We use PAYPAL Mobile to transact payments which is secure and reliable.
The nearest ATM's are situatued on the main streets of EXETER / BEACONSFIELD / WESTBURY for your cash needs.


As a farm we do have wildlife which are free to roam across the farm. Wallabies, frogs, bandicoots, snakes, rabbits, birds and insect life. As we do not spray any pesticides on our trees you may have the odd bug come home with you. We also have a healthy number of small birds nesting in our trees, so it is always important to check your tree for nests prior to cutting.


Christmas Tree Hunting (#tasmanianchristmastreehunter) is becoming very popular throughout Tasmania, so to help your enthusiasm in finding your perfect Christmas Tree we permit trees to be tagged and paid for in the first week of Christmas Tree selection, and harvesting on a later weekend in December to suit your traditions and schedules.
Please ensure you check into the Front Desk to secure appropriate Christmas Tree tagging before you head out to the woodland.
Please note some Christmas Trees will already be tagged on our First Open Day  - they will be family and friends and a scattering of Commercial Trees so please don't be offended and think someone snuck in pre-Season.


We regret we no longer offer mail order Christmas Trees.


Sorry, we do not wholesale. On farm Christmas Tree selection only.


Sorry we unfortunately do not take phone/SMS/FB/Insta orders to "place a hold" on a Christmas Tree. To be fair to all the dedicated Christmas Tree Hunters of the OPEN SEASON, and in consideration to each years limited Christmas Tree numbers, the Farm has a first in best Tree policy.


Because we think you are grown up and can be trusted with sharp things, we permit Pick-Your-Own Christmas Trees at the Farm. We supply safety hand pruning saws to cut your selected Christmas Tree down.
If you don't feel like being a lumberjack or not so sure how to cut your tree down please ask our Staff to give ytou a hand - we are more than happy to help!
Proud of your lumberjack skills then tag it !  #crankielumberjack
PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN SAW, CHAINSAW, ELECTRIC SAW to cut Christmas Trees - this helps us manage the safety issues in regard to equipment.


Christmas Tree's get down and dirty, pollinating in August and September in Tasmania. Their pollen is large and heavy and is known for its amazing phyto-hormone properties through herbal medicine culture.
In December, local pasture is flowering, its main allergen culprit being Ryegrass a key hayfever trigger.
To reduce the sneezes and sniffles with a fresh Christmas Tree which may have grass pollen on it (depending on Seasonal wind & rain), we recommend giving your Christmas Tree a nice hose down at home to wash dust/pollen/bugs off, drying outside while sitting in a bucket of fresh water, then bringing indoors once dry to decorate.


Sap on your hands can be removed using peanut butter, crunchy is best as it provides a bit of extra abrassion. The key ingredient is the oil !
If nutty isn't your thing ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL which can generally be found in medicated swabs in First Aid Kits, or more simply Hand Steriliser can be used to rub off sap - just watch it may lift colour or coatings off furniture & clothing.
Care should be taken when applying Peanut Butter or Hand Steriliser to children, pets, furniture, timber, carpet - if in doubt check in with Dr. Google to see what worked/failed for other people.


We craft wonderful One of a Kind (OOAK) Christmas Wreaths at the Farm using Tasmanian foraged conifer cones, local hazelnuts and walnuts with a selection of imported cinnamon, anise and decorative features
Each Wreath is unique, and named to suite its individual style. We have a number of Christmas Wreaths available at the Christmas Tree Farm each Season.
We are more than happy to take commission for a Wreath designed specifically for your needs and decore. Please contact Lee via email - orders will take up to six weeks for completion, so please allow adequet time for the handmade process.


If you have had a distance to travel or just want to extend your stay at Killiecrankie Farm while you are choosing your Christmas Tree please feel free to pack a lunch or snack and enjoy the countryside.
We have picnic tables and chairs and hay bales set up at the greeting area of the Christmas Tree Farm, or take a rug down to site beneath the mature Monterey Pines nestled amidst the growing Christmas Trees.


Here at Killiecrankie Farm we aim for a Sustainable agroforestry system, so each year we welcome old Christmas Trees back to where they grew to be chipped by a local Arborist into fresh pine mulch to be re-applied to the next Generation of Christmas Trees.
Christmas Trees can be returned to the Farm on January 7th 2018, from 10am - 12pm.
Please ensure all your decorations are removed. We accept only Christmas Trees, and no other garden waste or domestic rubbish. Please check your local council for the extra post Christmas roadside waste pick up if you can't bring your Tree back here and for all other waste disposal.


But of course we welcome your fur babies to the Farm !
Please remember:
  • Only well behaved dogs welcome
  • Don't let Fido pee on the Christmas Trees
  • Please pick up Fido's poop and take it home
  • We have animals at the Farm, if your dog is a runner or wanderer please keep on a leash
  • Please remember not everyone loves dogs, and respect other Farm patrons


We breed Wiltshire Horn Sheep, have a few cows, chooks and and pigs. These are Farm animals which will be grazing around the property. As we are not a Petting Farm, these livestock are not on show or have access to them other then over a fence (which may be electric).
  • Please do not enter paddocks with animals
  • Please leave gates closed and secure
  • and above all please don't feed them (it will give them a tummy ache if they get human food)


A Christmas Tree is just like a big bunch of flowers - it needs fresh water the minute it gets home, and lots of it. On average a freshly cut Christmas Tree will consume up to 4L of water in the first 72hours. It is critical for the longevity of your tree to keep it well watered for the whole of the Christmas Season.


If sap has formed over the base of your Christmas Tree trunk, trim a centimetre or two from the trunk before putting in the water. Sap forms a waterproof cap over cut trunks.


Trim foliage along the lower of the trunk to prevent pine needles from sitting in the water of the stand/pot/bucket. Pine needles can soil the water and reduce Christmas Tree longevity.


We recommend large pots, buckets or Christmas Tree Stands which hold a minimum of 1 litre of water. The bigger the Christmas Tree pot/bucket/trug/stand, the more sturdy your tree will be, safer for keeping it upright.  Buckets/Trugs/Pots should be filled with enough rubble, rocks, bricks to keep the tree upright, ensuring the tree trunk is well anchored and prevent toppling. SAND or DIRT should not be used  as it prevents the Christmas Tree from taking up water. GALVANISED, ZINC or METAL BUCKETS/POTS should not be used unless they are sealed against corrosion and leaching - Christmas Trees react to metals.


Water your tree daily. The addition of Aspirin or Christmas Tree Preservation to water can aid in longevity but is NOT RECOMMENDED where children or animals can access the water.


If the water in your bucket seems to be getting green or smelly, add a teaspoon of domestic chlorine/bleach per 5L of water once a week (please ensure you wear gloves when handling chemicals and keep all ingredients and contents away from children and animals).


As our Christmas Trees are wholly organic they can be  mulched or dropped off as greenwaste at Municipal Tips and Organic Processors.

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